Sunday, February 05, 2012

One Day More

aside from les mis, we're one day from the new forum going up. sorry about the wait; there were some unforeseen technical delays. a big thanks to our brother daniel for helping me set it up. i'll post the official link as soon as it goes live. if you have any last minute suggestions/questions/concerns, voice them now or forever hold your peace (at least here).

i'd like to take this last opportunity to say thank you to brian for all the work he's put into this blog. God has used this place to work in a lot of us. We thank God for what He's done through you.


Blogger Dan Masshardt said...

Thanks for taking the initiative walt.

I think it's time to move forward with a positive but honest place to reflect on how to move forward together toward all that God wants - demands - from those of us seeking to be His faithful people.

My hope is for wider participation. I'm going to personally invite many others to be participate in this new endeavor.

Most forums require one to register in order to post (but open to read). I think you'll need to answer the question about anonymity that's been brought up before several times.

2/05/2012 6:11 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Thanks so much Walt! That was great!

2/07/2012 8:29 AM  

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